There would be no Empty if there had been no Full.

Sometimes full is uncomfortable, overwhelming, a blitz of activity.  Sometimes full is joyful and amazing.

Then something happens.  The need to balance takes hold and either the fabulous full becomes less fabulous or the blitz slows way down to  nothing. Gone.

That is where  creativity comes in.  Empty opens up the well to freshness, newness, a blast of activity, over-the-top thinking, surprise, new activities, new people, new experiences, another perspective.

Empty is just as alive as Full.  Perhaps your empty is sad or lonely or disillusioned. Your empty might be relieved, hopeful.

Honor your Empty.  When you are ready, begin again.  Decide how you want to fill your Empty. You will live in it and enjoy it as it reaches Full.

And then balance will move in.

And you will have another new beginning.  You will do things differently.  You will fill your Empty.

And your Empty will thank you.