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This morning I am in the Honda Lounge waiting for my car to be serviced.  These moments, the ones where I settle in, undisturbed, and wait for my car to be repaired always seem to fill me with appreciation.

Today, I am appreciating myself.  I brought rice pudding with me for a snack. I made the rice pudding with all of the leftover milk from Thanksgiving day and the extra eggs.  I love rice pudding; the creamy custard coupled with the texture of the rice and then those raisins thrown in, oh the sweetness, with the savory cinnamon and nutmeg, what a sensory experience.  But the thing I most love about the rice pudding today is that I brought it for myself, tucked into a glass container with my spoon from home along with a cloth napkin.

When I come to wait for my car, often, I do not take care of nourishing myself. I get hungry because I have not usually had breakfast and arrive right at 7 so I can have my car by 10.  When my hunger beckons,  I have to dig out my change and buy whatever it will get me from the snack machines which is usually mini-donuts, cookies, crackers and instant cheese; you know the drill.  Desperation has no elegance.  When I let myself get so hungry, I try to resist the Hostess donuts and then just when I think I am going to bite someone’s arm, I surrender. I never finish them because this is not how I eat. I surrender to the best of the worst. If I am going to have a donut, I go to a donut shop. A great donut shop. But I don’t even eat donuts.

Today is different.  Today, I made myself some wonderful snacks: a tahini- date- apple sandwich on whole wheat bread, rice pudding, a banana and bottled water. This goes back to my entry entitled One Perfect Thing. Today, this is my one perfect thing, this taking care of me and feeling good about it.  It makes me more patient, kinder, richer.

There is someone in this room having a terrible time breathing, sniffing and snorting and on oxygen.  I can hear him sniff every 5 seconds; he is not infectious, he has a condition.  And his snorting has now ceased and his clearing of his throat is less, and I am fine with it because I brought rice pudding. And I am blogging.

Do you think that his condition has relaxed because he can feel my acceptance?  And my self-love in this moment?

I am wondering…

We affect everyone with how we feel, but mostly ourselves.  When we feel good, the goodness around us increases.

What a phenomenal experience I have created for myself.  Join me?


I was getting a massage the other day and about half way through, a thought sailed through my mind: This feels so good, it feels like home.

I thought about that as the muscles in my body released and my limbs were stretched and all of my inner systems started to move and reacquaint themselves with freedom. I started to think about home.  And bodies.

Our body is and remains our primary home. No matter what shape it is in or how it is behaving or how we are taking care of it or not, it is the reality that we inhabit, first and foremost, as each day begins and ends.

If we think of the qualities of what we call home, we look for a few things.  Space, comfort, style, convenience, private spaces, public spaces, nourishment, serenity, activity, expansion, intimacy.

I think our bodies have the same qualities. They need space, stimulation, quiet, nourishment, initiative; sometimes they need to be left alone to do their job; sometimes they need repair.

But always, always, no matter what shape they are in, they are there.

We furnish our bodies as we furnish our homes. We fill them with thoughts, inspiration and building blocks of nutrients.

Let’s take care of our bodies. Let’s take care of our homes. Let’s provide a personal welcome mat for restoration, appreciation, cleansing, strength and great form and function.

Let’s keep the fire burning and enjoy the warmth it provides.

At this time each year, I buy the cooking magazines I love and make a special time to sit and enjoy them.  I read through them, make notations and then I cook all the things I dearly most love the way I always do.  But I love that I honor the timing of this one perfect thing I give myself.  Sometimes I adapt the new recipes into my old ones, but mostly, I just love reading and seeing what others interpret as seasonal dishes and I appreciate the new twists they suggest.

You may love the way you line up your special things, drive to work, make your cranberry sauce, wear a white sweater or pucker up your lips for a kiss.  All that matters is that you do it.  It is yours.

Uniqueness starts from the deep waters of yourself. You are there.  You are in it.  You are unique. No one can do it exactly like you.

Let it work for you.  Let it resonate right on through you and share it.  Will you?  It only makes the world you travel in a better place.

I was in a very crowded parking lot yesterday and people were waiting, many, to get into my lane and I started to let them in.  One, then two.  And then I proceeded to the exit.  I noticed that the people who I had let in were letting others in.  And so it goes…

Do the one perfect thing for yourself.  I think that giving myself  time to savor what is meaningful only to me opened up a space to let those cars in.  I feel, deeply, that each time I caress myself in the wonder only I can create, my heart pumps with satisfaction.  It helps me to be more connected to others as I connect with myself.  It allows me to find a space to let cars in my line in a crowded parking lot.  It reaches further than I can know.  It is my idea of perfection.

Taking a magnifying glass to my life and getting it, really getting it, just the way it is, takes me deep into my reality and a power spot.  Yes, a power spot.

Why, you might ask? Because seeing and knowing what is there without resistance is powerful.  Resistance and judgment hold hands and the handshake that emerges can keep you fixed in place.

Eyes that are wide open reveal a picture, an enormous screenplay, written by no other than ourselves.  Eyes that are wide open see everything and do not edit or provide input.

The actors travel between scenes and incidents.  The movie is ours.  The kernel is to be and remain our own director.

Life has sequences:  event after event, feeling on feeling, until the activity becomes a drama.  When the magnifying glass reveals the details and their order and the microscopic elements that makes them events, clarity surfaces.

With your magnifying glass, you will be able to see the deeper threads of your heart and the occasions of your life. Celebrate everything: your victories and your vulnerable passages.  Experience acceptance and humility and the benefits of examination with compassion.

And then, start charting your course to move more deeply and completely into your next step.  Your future is there, waiting to be released, wanting to provide the pavement for your steps.  When you do  this,  you will start flying at a different level. You will need a different aircraft, more experienced pilots and a more seasoned  crew.  Gathering the forces around you to support your flight gives you the tools to create a new frontier.

When your eyes are wide open, and your explorations lead you deeply into the collage of your life, your vision rises up and the cradle for your next endeavor begins to be crafted and explored.  Who and what fills the cradle is your choice.

As you power up, get on board, fasten your seat belt and move into lift-off, know that all of who you are put you in your seat.  You are about to write yet another chapter in your life and be the author of your destiny.  You hold the power.

I love warehouse shopping; having enough chicken broth to last a good long time and enough apples to bake a pie, have a daily snack and add to salads serves me.  I love the plethora of choices and the bulk pricing.  The drawback is that I can accumulate a lot of leftovers and crowded shelf  space for awhile and my products may expire before I use them.

On the other hand, there is something tranquil  about shopping at my local market, buying just what I need, using local products and having just enough.  I find that I become more creative in the process of using my groceries.  Where there is less, there is more.

In my life, stripping down a situation to the core and demystifying the facts takes me to a whole new level of simplicity.   I bring forth some kindling.  I start a new fire.  I decide how I want to feed it.  I design a process with the ingredients I have.

I decide what is enough.

I decide that I am enough.

I hunker down and breathe into the already established credibility I have established.

I invite in the new.  I incorporate the parts of my past that feed my future.

When we call upon our warehouse of experiences,  they take us into a complex process and we are oh so glad that we can call upon so much activity to create a richer way.

It is also true that compounding a few rich convictions can create a profound calling.

All of it works.  It is just the deciding of what fits where that creates value for us.