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Years ago, I visited my grandmother in her tiny mobile home.  She was taking care of my dad at the time and there was not an extra bed for me, so I had planned to sleep on the couch.  She would not have it. She insisted on giving me her bed.  When I woke up the next morning, she was sitting on the couch, sleeping.  She had been there all night.   Nona was without a surplus of money but she was laden with loyalty and respect.

What comfort do you have that could be given to another?  How can you reach out, without hurting yourself, and let someone know you appreciate them?

How can you show them -without words – the depth of respect you have for them?

My grandmother showed me. She gave up her bed for me for my comfort.  I can still feel it.  The surprise, the awe and the appreciation of her caring.  And I can see her in the morning, with a slow smile, offering me a cup of coffee.


Every year during the holiday season,  I get a gift from one of my advisors I worked with in the 90’s.  It makes me feel special  that she always remembers our relationship and the time we spent together.  At that time, I was vulnerable and scared and needing a strong advocate for professional and personal changes. She was right there with my favorite coffee, incredible materials and her wisdom and caring.  Our two-hour sessions have impacted me throughout my life’s journey and when I get this package from her each year, it reminds me of her effectiveness and my adaptability.

When one is remembered over time, it embeds a message of worthiness.  Consistency of caring is an art.  It takes effort and consciousness.  It takes two:  a giver and a receiver.   In this example, I am honored to be the receiver and grateful for the giver.

As the year draws to a close, I am thinking of the rhythms of my life that are always there and keep my feet on the ground, my heart open, my soul vibrant.

And I am grateful to be remembered, acknowledged  and cared for over time.

Transitions.  We are all in them, with them, going through them, celebrating them.

I am in profound change this year and witnessing  many people around me also in change.  I am an empty nester now, my adult children are living in an apartment on their own, my nieces and nephews are in careers, school, jobs, moving themselves along, my immediate family is adjusting to physical changes that require a different skill set to celebrate life each day and I have moved into a new home.

When I moved into this new home, I had to sift and sort and organize.  I left things behind, I brought things forward and I replaced old, worn possessions and habits.  I could not resettle some of the things I had lived with for so long, I could not and will not repeat patterns that did not enhance me; this has affected my entire life.  I have recreated myself.

In this whirlwind of observing change and being change, it has helped enormously to be in conversation about it because this is the conversation of my life.  Designing my future  puts me right into my mind and heart.

Profound change affects everything, including our personal, private, social and professional life.  If you would like to engage with others who are experiencing change or want to bring change forward, who want effectiveness at the core of their life and the synchronicity of heart and mind, who want their bodies to be strong and sing anew with  commitments and ideas, then join me.  I will be offering an event on January 14, 2012 at the Lodge at Ventana Canyon in Tucson, Arizona that will provide an environment and a population that listens, delights and embraces all of who you are right now and all of who you want to be.  Talk about it, engage with others and build a new foundation for your ideas and plans. Please email me at for detailed information.

Come and have The Conversation of Your Life.

Let’s transition to the next step in our lives together.  Ascension. Transcendence. More.


Ellen Schneider

Repetitive Goodness:

The friend who always sees you and loves you just as you are

Sweet potatoes

Sunrise and Sunset



The heat of summer, the cold in winter, changes


A favorite recipe and here is one of mine:

Pasta with Locatelli Romano Cheese

Boil 1 pound of your favorite pasta.  Just before you drain it, save 2 cups of the boiling water.  Drain the pasta and add 1.5 Cups of Locatelli Romano Cheese.  (Romano cheese is made from sheep’s milk and has a wonderful salty taste and creates a deep flavor for any ingredients)Add some of the pasta water and salt and pepper, mostly pepper.  You can add the water as you dress the pasta with the cheese to create a light sauce.  Pour onto a plate, add more cheese if desired and enjoy!

You get the picture.

Make your list. Share it! How fun!

And then read it once a day, perhaps add to it.

Repetitive Goodness: a feel good mantra to the always in your life.