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Sometimes you have to change your shoes. As you walk on a new path know that your shoes are worn with the old path.

The new path requires new shoes.  It is like flying at a different height.  The engine adjusts to the altitude.  Everything changes in order to support flight at a higher level.

Walking and running shoes will generally serve you well for 500 miles.  They will keep serving you if you keep them longer, but they will be worn in the places that you traveled and will not be able to support you as well as you travel further, deeper and with more conviction into your continuing journey.

As we progress, we change.  Rewiring our support systems is a part of our technology for personal achievement.

Every progression is a victory even if it involves moving towards different sources and leaving old patterns that were not so successful behind.  Every progression is a victory. A personal victory. And personal victories are your tour guides to your future.

New path?  New shoes.


I write about the home and the significance and power that personal space holds.  This has me thinking about many who are searching for physical surroundings that are safe and secure, alternatives to where they are today.

And this leads me to the fact that home is within you.

A house is a building; a structure that holds things and you.  A home is a feeling; a texture of emotions creating a fabric of  history over time. Where do these emotions originate?  Within you.

Think of your inner home with your desires as the decor, your commitments as the furniture, your will as the guardian at the gate.  The source of your thoughts, your incredible mind, guides you through the hallways of  possibilities. The rooms hold your wonderful ideas: your past, present and  future.

Your essential decor is composed of your values and your interior design holds your truth.

It is there forever.  It belongs to you.

It is within you.





The gentler I am, the more I can shape my  life.

As I gently put things in place, they take their own shape and the result is balanced and right.

I take my time. No rush.

I allow my experiences to unravel and form a new path.

It is like the curls on my head.  If I force them  to take a certain shape, they lose their natural ability to form to my head and unfold,  just here, in a pattern of their own.  If I give them time, their ability to be a presence is unfettered and free.  If I respect them and trust them, they become more vivid and appealing in their own right.

Shaping and massaging change with a gentle hand provides a lasting impression on your history. It takes you into your future with a quiet strength and an enduring acceptance.

Shape gently, travel softly.

I am currently making a home for my blog. Years ago, I made a home for my book. And before that, I made a home for my construction company, my family, my consulting business, my feng shui business and all along my history, I have rearranged my environment to make a home for my current aspirations.  As I look through picture albums, I can see how my living environment has consistently changed with my interior changes.

Now it is time for the blog to have a physical space.

Years ago, I remodeled, redesigned, painted and rearranged my office to accommodate my intention to expand  my feng shui practice and build enrollment for my local seminars.  This served me very well for about three years.

Then, I started to morph into a writer.  I simplified my environment and supported the excavation that occurs when I live underneath my skin and pull up my ideas.  All roads lead to creating manuscripts, inviting publishers to engage with me and hiring an editor. My office became a cocoon that spoke into my productive private mode vs. public mode.  It worked beautifully.

Now, the blog invites me to make a space for it to live and grow.  The blog publishes immediately and waits for no one.  As I direct the blog, it directs me as well.  We are one, this blog and I, and we are walking hand in hand alongside the manuscript.

This is how I will create the Blog Space:

Modifications will include storing many files in my filing system in the garage, putting whimsical and encouraging symbols in my line of sight, cleansing all the doorways to invite in new opportunities and making sure that my art reflects me now. The rug will be cleaned and my chair will be reassessed for comfort.  Pitchers of fresh, filtered water with lemon and a beautiful tea-pot and china cup will adorn my side table along with Larabars and apples for nourishing snacks. I want this to be a self-sufficient space, a complete space, where concentration occurs easily and joyfully.  I can bring the outside in by looking out my window or opening my doors to the glass windows that line my living room.  I have suspended a mobile of egrets in front of a window so that my eye catches it as I write.  Egrets represent self-determination and self-reliance. I like having that mirrored back to me.

I am going to begin here and see where this takes me.  Over the next week, I will see what works and what could be better.

Clarity and arrangement on a budget of focused thought. There is just nothing like it.

As my Nona used to say, “Try it, you like it!”

Yesterday, as I was getting ready to get out of my car to go into a local cafe, I looked into my briefcase to see if I could lighten my load.  I had left my home at 8:30 AM and did not expect to be home until 7:00 PM.  I had packed for a day that included eight stops along the way; some of them were meetings, some were errands and some were a part of my health maintenance program.

As I was getting ready for my lunch break in the environment that I call my lunch oasis, I lightened my load.  I took in only what was necessary: my purse, my writing  materials and the morning paper.  The rest stayed in the car.  I was unencumbered with unnecessary “stuff” and I was ready to nourish myself and take pause.

I thought of how many situations I am in, daily, and how I might be taking too much along with me.  I am talking about the area above my eyes, the place where my thoughts live and the internal conversations that take place.  I decided to manufacture a personal dust buster and cleanse the corners of my mind and everything in between.  I decided to create a template for each new experience so I could be fully present.

As a result, I was able to enjoy watching the servers engage with the public as they took orders, observe others who were enjoying their meals and conversations, read my paper and write.  My lunch was excellent.

In the past, when my load has been heavy, I have been less appreciative of any noise, any delay in getting my food and a bit prickly.

Cleansing my mind, even to eat lunch and relax, feels like a good idea.  I think that it will assist me to be a part of something bigger than myself and to be more allowing and more effectively hear others or take in my surroundings.

I think I will feel free. Lighter.  More appreciative and available.  I think I will do this. Perhaps you will try it, too.

Let’s see what happens.