My need to disrupt the constant unfolding of my kitchen cupboard onto the floor (See 10/8/16) led me to rethinking my medicine cabinet in my bathroom.  For a reason that I am clear made perfect sense at the time, I chose to put my cosmetics in my medicine cabinet. These are round containers, some with domed lids, that when stacked, well, you know the drill…take one out, get the one underneath, put it back, etc.  Everyday.

So, I asked myself ” how about putting these in the drawer?”  The long, skinny drawer that is a mess with three containers of floss, old Q Tips that have fallen into the drawer and the disarray that evolves when a drawer has no purpose.  The makeup went into the drawer.  Now, I can see everything, it all has a place and it is accessible.  The drawer on the other side got cleaned out and only holds my hand mirror and an extra pair of glasses.  I moved one shelf in the medicine cabinet up 2″ and now I have room for all of my hair products and my electric toothbrush.

Both processes freed up the counter and there is room for my makeup when I am using it.

So, is this about stuff in a space, reassigned?  Or is this about the clarity that comes when we move our energy around and have it held in the well designed container where it belongs? Either way, we win.