Everyone needs a surface. This is the space that opens up creativity.

When surfaces are cluttered and stacks of paper abound, pots and pans rule, unfinished projects are side by side and many opened containers of makeup, toothpaste, soap and Q-tips create a landscape, well, Genius is shut off.  The mind can only hold so much and if overwhelm is present, then all of the thought streams either go to avoiding those spaces of overwhelm or trying to find a space that is tranquil and open.  That’s when we go to a coffee shop that has Wifi to work or watch a movie or to socialize.  It drives us from our home.  There is no room for us.

Take a look at your surfaces and see if there is room for your creativity, whether it be cooking, organizing, writing, working or just simply to place something beautiful that makes you happy.

Just do one surface at a time.  Give yourself a moment of clarity.  It will lead to other moments of clarity.  And pretty soon your creativity will bloom and grow into your space. Ahh…there you are.  All of you. Thank you.