Last week I was entering my grocery store and realized that I was feeling pushed out of the space.  A plethora of displays for Halloween with multitudes of candy and goblins were in my way as I maneuvered my cart towards the vegetables. I realized something.

Each holiday season, as I frequent the hubs that supply me with my living needs, I start to walk differently, maneuver defensively, so that I can make it through the aisles.  The displays push into my familiar paths and I have to be more alert.  I start to want to frequent these establishments less and turn to online opportunities.  The parking lots change as well as the traffic flows and I feel like I just want to crawl inside myself. I feel that I need to shrink.  The more I shrink, the less I express.  The less I express or choose, the less there is of me and my convictions.

As the space around me changes, just for a time,  perhaps I need to make space for tolerance, for creativity, for better.   Perhaps my comfort zone needs some redefining during these times.   It is more than adjusting; it is creating a new reality within a defined space.

Changing patterns requires perseverance. Courage. Thought.

Making room for new paths requires a new map that encompasses a marvelous trek that is defined by commitment.

As I reframe this for myself, perhaps you will too.  As you walk through your personal familiar environments in the coming months, perhaps you will ask yourself as I will, ” What do I need to make space for in my life?”  Then, create the path to get there.

I will be along side you opening up to what is next and making space for celebrations.