Repetitive Goodness:

The friend who always sees you and loves you just as you are

Sweet potatoes

Sunrise and Sunset



The heat of summer, the cold in winter, changes


A favorite recipe and here is one of mine:

Pasta with Locatelli Romano Cheese

Boil 1 pound of your favorite pasta.  Just before you drain it, save 2 cups of the boiling water.  Drain the pasta and add 1.5 Cups of Locatelli Romano Cheese.  (Romano cheese is made from sheep’s milk and has a wonderful salty taste and creates a deep flavor for any ingredients)Add some of the pasta water and salt and pepper, mostly pepper.  You can add the water as you dress the pasta with the cheese to create a light sauce.  Pour onto a plate, add more cheese if desired and enjoy!

You get the picture.

Make your list. Share it! How fun!

And then read it once a day, perhaps add to it.

Repetitive Goodness: a feel good mantra to the always in your life.