This morning I am in the Honda Lounge waiting for my car to be serviced.  These moments, the ones where I settle in, undisturbed, and wait for my car to be repaired always seem to fill me with appreciation.

Today, I am appreciating myself.  I brought rice pudding with me for a snack. I made the rice pudding with all of the leftover milk from Thanksgiving day and the extra eggs.  I love rice pudding; the creamy custard coupled with the texture of the rice and then those raisins thrown in, oh the sweetness, with the savory cinnamon and nutmeg, what a sensory experience.  But the thing I most love about the rice pudding today is that I brought it for myself, tucked into a glass container with my spoon from home along with a cloth napkin.

When I come to wait for my car, often, I do not take care of nourishing myself. I get hungry because I have not usually had breakfast and arrive right at 7 so I can have my car by 10.  When my hunger beckons,  I have to dig out my change and buy whatever it will get me from the snack machines which is usually mini-donuts, cookies, crackers and instant cheese; you know the drill.  Desperation has no elegance.  When I let myself get so hungry, I try to resist the Hostess donuts and then just when I think I am going to bite someone’s arm, I surrender. I never finish them because this is not how I eat. I surrender to the best of the worst. If I am going to have a donut, I go to a donut shop. A great donut shop. But I don’t even eat donuts.

Today is different.  Today, I made myself some wonderful snacks: a tahini- date- apple sandwich on whole wheat bread, rice pudding, a banana and bottled water. This goes back to my entry entitled One Perfect Thing. Today, this is my one perfect thing, this taking care of me and feeling good about it.  It makes me more patient, kinder, richer.

There is someone in this room having a terrible time breathing, sniffing and snorting and on oxygen.  I can hear him sniff every 5 seconds; he is not infectious, he has a condition.  And his snorting has now ceased and his clearing of his throat is less, and I am fine with it because I brought rice pudding. And I am blogging.

Do you think that his condition has relaxed because he can feel my acceptance?  And my self-love in this moment?

I am wondering…

We affect everyone with how we feel, but mostly ourselves.  When we feel good, the goodness around us increases.

What a phenomenal experience I have created for myself.  Join me?