I was getting a massage the other day and about half way through, a thought sailed through my mind: This feels so good, it feels like home.

I thought about that as the muscles in my body released and my limbs were stretched and all of my inner systems started to move and reacquaint themselves with freedom. I started to think about home.  And bodies.

Our body is and remains our primary home. No matter what shape it is in or how it is behaving or how we are taking care of it or not, it is the reality that we inhabit, first and foremost, as each day begins and ends.

If we think of the qualities of what we call home, we look for a few things.  Space, comfort, style, convenience, private spaces, public spaces, nourishment, serenity, activity, expansion, intimacy.

I think our bodies have the same qualities. They need space, stimulation, quiet, nourishment, initiative; sometimes they need to be left alone to do their job; sometimes they need repair.

But always, always, no matter what shape they are in, they are there.

We furnish our bodies as we furnish our homes. We fill them with thoughts, inspiration and building blocks of nutrients.

Let’s take care of our bodies. Let’s take care of our homes. Let’s provide a personal welcome mat for restoration, appreciation, cleansing, strength and great form and function.

Let’s keep the fire burning and enjoy the warmth it provides.