I love warehouse shopping; having enough chicken broth to last a good long time and enough apples to bake a pie, have a daily snack and add to salads serves me.  I love the plethora of choices and the bulk pricing.  The drawback is that I can accumulate a lot of leftovers and crowded shelf  space for awhile and my products may expire before I use them.

On the other hand, there is something tranquil  about shopping at my local market, buying just what I need, using local products and having just enough.  I find that I become more creative in the process of using my groceries.  Where there is less, there is more.

In my life, stripping down a situation to the core and demystifying the facts takes me to a whole new level of simplicity.   I bring forth some kindling.  I start a new fire.  I decide how I want to feed it.  I design a process with the ingredients I have.

I decide what is enough.

I decide that I am enough.

I hunker down and breathe into the already established credibility I have established.

I invite in the new.  I incorporate the parts of my past that feed my future.

When we call upon our warehouse of experiences,  they take us into a complex process and we are oh so glad that we can call upon so much activity to create a richer way.

It is also true that compounding a few rich convictions can create a profound calling.

All of it works.  It is just the deciding of what fits where that creates value for us.