There is the moment when you wake up and the day brings you the realization that you have reached the place where you wanted to be.  It feels like an “overnight success”; all of a sudden, there you are with the results that you wanted and all is well.

But it is all of the vitamins you took, each day, one by one, that built the new cells.

It was  standing firm on your convictions, each day, that brought you the present certainty.

It was the risks that you bravely engaged that has you standing on courage.

And it is the knowing that the on the other side of  struggle is victory, the other side of heartache is happiness and the grieving of disappointments paves the way for  new ambition.

Energy anew, it all comes together.  It is a process, a moderation of life experiences, a mentoring of the self, the help of those who believe in you, that brings you, once around, again, to a new beginning.

It feels like overnight, it feels swift, when the energy shifts.  Be sure to credit yourself for the process you were brave enough to begin with the recognition of patterned behaviors that were of no value to you that you were brave enough to end.