There is a bird that has found my windowsill of late.  He cocks his head and looks at me inquisitively.  This has me in wonder.  It has me in wonder because I have been contemplating where to put a bird feeder.  I find myself being directed by this bird.  This bird is just being.  Looking, seeing, asking.  And I am there to observe.  This bird, by its very nature, has been influential in creating an enhancement to its life.

There are things, people, events that are a gift to us.  It may be a great grandmother’s tea set, the friend who always says, “Yes, of course.  You know what you need to do.”  Or the event that is always and remains the holder of deep pleasure.

I am encouraged by this lovely visitor on my windowsill. I am encouraged  to notice the signs, people, things, that show me consistency and wisdom, support and love. Just by being.

I encourage you to do the same.  Notice what you have ; appreciate those people who are there for you; celebrate the events that give you pleasure. Take your cues from what is natural.  It might be a cooing baby, a bird making a nest, a friendly spontaneous phone call that holds all of the  things you need to hear.

There are miracles in treasured moments.  There is a newness,  even when it feels familiar.  Each time you open yourself up to wonder, an appreciative change is imprinted on your cells.  Observing, experiencing and appreciating are key elements.

Isn’t it wonderful to be in charge of your happiness?