There are no shortcuts.  There is only the way through that keeps you straight on the path and gets you where you want to go.

There is a direct way. It is well-defined, has been tested, might take a little longer, has more stopping points, but it always gets you there.  Then there are the shortcuts.

Picture this.  You are driving to a destination and there is heavy traffic, so you try the short cut.  You head down a side street and know that it will ultimately get you to the place you want to go. But, alas, there is a broken sewer pipe and many trucks are lining the street and you can’t get out. You are stuck.

Or you are in a flash flood and instead of turning back, you head down another path only to find that the flooding is far worse there than on the main street where help comes more swiftly and ably.

Or you think that maybe just this time you will not tell the truth, because what are the odds of someone finding out? No one will notice. And then they do. And it is a lifetime of explanations and justifications that finally gets you clear. One more time.

There are no shortcuts.