The other day my husband came into our bedroom and started to laugh.  “I forgot why I came in here!”

I said, “Go back to where you were.  That will help you remember why you are where you are.”

Whenever I cannot find my keys or some essential part of my daily travel kit, I retrace my steps to where I have been in my house.  I walk through each room that I have visited since I have awakened and look. If that doesn’t work, I do it again and look more closely.  It becomes an examination looking for clues.  If that doesn’t work, I do something else, just for a little bit, to relax into it. This gives me a new attitude.

The examination becomes a search.  I almost always find it.  Sometimes what I was looking for was right in my purse all along, but I didn’t see it.   Sometimes, I get a picture in my mind and all at once, I know exactly where to look.

Sometimes we feel lost.  We wonder how in the world we arrived at this point in our lives. I believe if we retrace our steps and have the courage to look, we will find our answer.

We are where we are. If we could be somewhere else, we would be. If we are looking for something, it might be right in front of us.

The strength is in the search with eyes that encourage trust and hold patience.

Go back to where you were. Decide where you want to go.

Start walking. Take your hindsight with you.