Sometimes you have to change your shoes. As you walk on a new path know that your shoes are worn with the old path.

The new path requires new shoes.  It is like flying at a different height.  The engine adjusts to the altitude.  Everything changes in order to support flight at a higher level.

Walking and running shoes will generally serve you well for 500 miles.  They will keep serving you if you keep them longer, but they will be worn in the places that you traveled and will not be able to support you as well as you travel further, deeper and with more conviction into your continuing journey.

As we progress, we change.  Rewiring our support systems is a part of our technology for personal achievement.

Every progression is a victory even if it involves moving towards different sources and leaving old patterns that were not so successful behind.  Every progression is a victory. A personal victory. And personal victories are your tour guides to your future.

New path?  New shoes.