Stand in the middle of it.

No matter where you are in the process, look.

Do a 360 degree turn and survey the whole situation.  Be willing to look at everything.

It is not spinning.

It is not twirling.

It is getting a read on what is real for you.  It is the commitment to go from okay to better to best.

It is walking side by side with more.

Wherever you are on the spectrum, getting a read will always land you in the lap of reality.  It will give you the opportunity to reformulate and go forward.

What surrounds you may not be reflective of who you are today.  What surrounds you may be the historical pieces of your life that paved the path to the present. Go to the places that are working.

Warm the places that are working, appreciate them.

Be willing to change the things that no longer fit.

Acknowledge your humanness, your decisions that were made… then.

Make the decisions that will create the future that pulls you forward…now.

Travel gently.

Get to the other side of better.  Awaken your personal best.