There is a world in a tile.  In between the grout lies its history with all of its color, scratches and heart.  With each cleansing that it receives, there is renewal and a clean slate for the next phase of its life.

Like the tile, we exist in between the edges of our boundaries.  Occasionally, we need to redefine our boundaries to recreate the in-between.  We can expand or contract our edges to hold what we choose to place inside.  It is the in-between that defines us.  Like the tile with its markings of time and diverse elements, we live within the colors of our history and the boundaries of our values.

There are tiles that are far off in a corner, gathering dust and unnoticed. These can be compared to our commitments-some upfront and weathered, held close to the heart-while others are just there, still visible, but with less of a pull and more of a wish. (Like the weight-loss plan or the write-a-book-someday plan or the get-another-job-plan) What would happen if you freed your wish from its surroundings and shined it up and launched it?  What if you expanded your reach?

Want a bigger life?  Expand your boundaries.  Want to be sleek and slimmer?  Close the boundaries in.

However you do it, love the in-between, the richness and fullness of the inside with a healthy boundary surrounding the outside. Like the tile, you can cleanse it and renew it and appreciate the imperfections in it.

That’s where the beauty lies: in the acceptance of all that it is.  That is where joyful anticipation lies: in the reach to possibility.  And you are where you are.  Your world belongs to you.