One morning  I was pulling out of my driveway and I noticed a fresh green shoot of an agave plant that had made its way through the openings in the rock wall that held the roots of its mother. That burst of new energy held me there for a moment.

I thought of the route it had to travel, weaving its way through the underground as it created a path to reach the sun.  It was now exposed and would create a new path of growth.  It reminded me of an idea as it formulates in the brain and travels along the intellectual highway with imagination as a willing passenger.  Just as the agave offspring breathes green into a brown landscape, a new idea makes its way into the world, is spoken and experienced, and changes a trend forever.

Look outside.  There are messages there midst the colors, the debris, the blooms and the remains of a frost.  What do you see?  What growth within you is making its way through your interior?

I think I’ll go and put some water on my courageous agave offspring.  At the same time, I will keep moistening my ideas as they stretch and reach for exposure.

What is waiting to surface from your underground?  You might want to reach down and pull it up.  See if it likes the air up here.

Create a wonderful Saturday for yourself and thanks for visiting.