This blog,  A Home for your Muse, is written to inspire you and delight you. There are many definitions for a muse. The one most prevalent here is ” a guiding genius”.  Each of us has a genius within us that is asking to be utilized.  We change dramatically over time and our genius changes along with us.  Our muse has moods and needs.  That is why we may go to school with one goal and create a career with another revenue stream.  Our muse does that. Our muse is a creator.

In this blog, change will be a recurring theme coupled with the freedom of movement.  It is okay to change your mind, it is okay to follow your inner guidance and it is better than okay to see decisions manifested in your environments.  That is how you make a home for your muse.  You think it, move it, delight in it.

Here is an example:

I traveled last week and returned home to find some stargazer lilies in my kitchen under a light.  One was in full bloom, but the rest were closed and waiting.  After four days, they were still closed and waiting. Like me.  I needed something to happen, I needed to create something and I was waiting for permission, the right time, a perfect opportunity.  Yesterday, I noticed that one of the lilies was struggling to open so I changed their location to the living room where they would get  full sun in the morning.  This morning, I looked in at them and three more were blooming.  Overnight. One day of shining a light and they were encouraged and opened.

My muse has been telling me to do a blog for a very long time.  The opening of the lilies and the beginning of the blog coincide and complement one another.  I encourage you to have your homes and offices speak the language of your muse.  In signing off, you may want to think about changing one thing today, a picture, a point of view,  a place for a lunch date.  See what happens.

I will talk to you tomorrow. I have to go now and have a conversation with my muse.  Thanks for taking the time to visit.